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You are a commercial
real estate professional
and you need comp data.

The more information you have about available properties, the more valuable you are to your clients. The problem is how do you stay on top of market conditions?

Waiting by the phone, trading inaccurate or incomplete data, fear of sharing sensitive information - is this the best we can do? There has to be a better a way and it's called MarketRex.

MarketRex is a free platform that allows you to form digital connections with those you trust. By forming connections, your data and your connection's data become instantly searchable by each other.






Protected uploads. Say goodbye to confidentiality concerns.

Not only are the comps you upload untraceable, but your identity and the exchange of your data are encrypted. And, to ensure accuracy, MarketRex will not accept data unless each required field has been completed. Say goodbye to missing, inaccurate information and say hello to the new standard in market intelligence.

Trusted connections.
Increase your market intelligence.

It's simple really. Create a free profile in MarketRex and start uploading data instantly. If you add 50 comps to your MarketRex account and a trusted associate adds 100 to their account, by forming a connection, your searchable data grows to 150 comps.

Safeguarded Search. We
understand your data is sensitive.

By accepting a connection request, you don't have to worry about compromising your business because all of your data is safeguarded. Your data remains locked at all times when viewed by anyone in your connected network.

Controlled Access. Feels good
to be in control.

When you find a comp you need, you can instantly send an unlock request. On the other hand, if you receive an unlock request, there are 3 different ways you can unlock the comp.


Supercharged Analytics. Beat your competition with data based intelligence.

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Intelligent Lease Analysis. Exceed your client's expectations.

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